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"Recently I have been trying out treatments outside the traditional medicine known in Bangalore. I recommend anyone who hesitates to experience Ayurveda's methods at least once. I personally do not regret anything, it was more than expected!"
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"Ayurveda changed my vision of life and showed me a different approach to my way of life. I want to thank Dr. Geeta Patil and the whole team of Sanjeevani Ayurveda for this amazing experience, for this qualified service and for the unforgettable advice."
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"For my stay at the clinic I can only say positive things. However, I would like to pay special attention to the Abyanga therapies and the exceptionally good level of massages! Therapists are extremely careful and good at what they are doing!"
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"Trust Ayurveda, choose an active, fulfilling life without knowing diseases!"

Priya C N

"I had been suffering from severe headache for around 25 to 30 years. Dr. Geeta Patil diagnosed the root cause for my headache and effectively treated it with some changes in my food habits and appropriate medicines. During the COVID lockdown when I was diagnosed with Cellulitis her effective treatment helped me to bring down all the swelling and pain in my leg. She was very helpful and approachable both on phone and WhatsApp when most of the other doctors were hard to approach. My sincere thanks to Dr. Geeta Patil."


" I have been consulting Dr.Geeta Patil from almost a decade. I find her diagnosis methodical, unique and sure shot. She is a wonderful counselor too, which has helped me immensely. Never one to fill us with medicines, she constantly provides tips to a healthy and natural way to protect one's health. I find her exceptionally approachable and empathetic. I would strongly recommend her to all my acquaintances."

Ranjini Rao

“ After the birth of my second daughter the problem of varicose veins has always been there. Over the past few months during the pandemic the pain got a lot worse. With Dr Geeta ma’am’s medicines the pain has been controlled well and I have been able to do my daily activities without any discomfort.“


“My family and I have been consulting with Dr. Geetha Patil for over 4 years now and are very satisfied with the services. She listens to all our concerns patiently and is very friendly in her approach, which is quite rare among doctors in the fast-paced world today. Her soothing words and appropriate medicines have worked wonders for us. I would highly recommend her Ayurvedic services for any kind of health issues. Good experiences shared I am sure, will benefit many.“

Lakshmish Udupa

“My family and I have been consulting with Dr Geetha Patil for almost a year and it has been a positive experience for all of us. We approached her with problems of Acidity/Acid Reflux,Cold Allergies, High Blood Sugar and for each she has provided an easy, simple and efficient solution. Dr Geetha Patil spends 25-30 min of the consultation time talking to us about our history and habits, she does this with utmost patience and then draws conclusions about the roots of the problem and prescribes the required medicines. This, personally, was a huge thumbs up for me as I felt comfortable instantly and could understand the problems I was facing better. My daughter and I underwent her Virechana treatment and it was truly a remarkable one. From taking the initial medicines to massages and diet, Dr Geetha Patil guided us at every step and she was always available if we had queries or issues. All in all, it was a wonderful experience with Dr Geetha Patil and we would suggest our friends and family to consult her if need be.“

Mr Ravichandran

2019 has been good year for me from my personal health point of view. I am diabetic since 2012 taking loads of allopathic medicines till my wife took me to Dr Geetha Patil. After seeing my prescription of medicine she was astonished. I was also going through lot of side effects of allopathic medicine especially gastritis. Dr worked out for me, a gradual program to slowly reduce my dependency on allopathic medicine since Aug 2019 and here I am with minimum Ayurvedic medicine and able to completely stop Allopathic diabetic medicine. My sugar is very much under control and find myself in better shape. Most importantly side effects I used to go through has stopped. We live in Singapore and Dr is kind enough to respond and provide excellent consultation and kind advise as and when required especially during pandemic period where we are deprived of frequent travel between Singapore and Bengaluru. Also recommended couple of my friends and relatives to consider seeking Dr Geetha Patil consultation

Arvind Shrinivas

I am being treated for my stomach and arthritis conditions by Dr. Geetha Patil. Her treatment has resulted in very good results as my ailments have been addressed.
Among the many other endearing "Ayurvedic Doctor" aspects of Dr. Geetha Patil, the most noteworthy are these, that she is friendly, caring, attentive, knowledgeable, analytical, gracious, humorous, observant and extremely reassuring.
All these observations are after getting treated by her for over 3 years now. It has been my pleasure to get treated by Dr. Geetha Patil. I have had the pleasure of introducing many of my relatives and friends to her for getting treated by her for their ailments.


The service, Dr. Geeta Patil of sanjeevani, provides is incredible. Her personalization and responsiveness to patient's needs is to be greatly appreciated. She does not treat patients as duty but with a passion to see them through until they are well. She is immensely patient, open to discussion, clears the doubts and counsels our anxiety. She is prompt and available on phone no matter whether she is in station or out. It gives patients immense moral support knowing that they are in good hands. Dr. Geeta Patil is truly amazing and so professional. We are blessed to know you.


Dr Geeta Patil has been our family's go-to physician for any ailment - big or small. She hears our health issues patiently, approaches the issue holistically and gives just the right amount of medication combined with dietary modification. Every time I have consulter her, I have become healthier. She is a thorough professional, quite approachable and very reassuring. I highly recommend her.

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