Antenatal and Post Natal Care


Prenatal, Antenatal and Postnatal care

Pregnancy and childbirth are the unique and most cherished experiences of a female in her lifetime. Ayurveda has a very special mention about the pregnancy care. Prenatal, antenatal and postnatal care in Ayurveda is emphasized under Garbha Sanskar and Garbhini Paricharya focusing at excellence in the formation of the foetus, its development, maintenance of the health of the foetus and normal delivery. Garbha Sanskar starts from the prenatal stage, Prenatal care in Ayurveda recognizes the importance of physical, spiritual and mental preparation of the couple planning pregnancy for a healthy baby. Antenatal care or garbhini paricharya comprises of masanumasik (monthly) ahara (Diet) and Vihara(Lifestyle) and garbhasthapak oushadhas.

The pregnant woman is advised to follow a specific diet, which is necessary for the wholesome growth of the foetus and also to maintain the health and well-being of the mother. The foetus derives its nutrition from its mother and hence a diet specific to particular month along with the necessary nourishment, lifestyle changes of the pregnant women are also mentioned in detail. Ayurveda particularly emphasizes on the factors that are to be avoided during pregnancy (smoking alcohol etc). Medications which act as nourishment for both mother and baby are advised. Panchakarma procedures are also indicated where ever necessary, both in prenatal phase and antenatal phase.

Yoga and Pranayama are very much a part of Garbh Sanskar. Stretching postures breathing exercises and meditation helps to relax both physically and mentally

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Prenatal care

This is achieved through

  • Panchakarma procedures
  • Medications
  • Counseling for a healthy progeny

Antenatal care

  • Month-wise diet and regime
  • Medications for nourishment, for morning sickness and other pregnancy related complaints
  • Basti and abhyanga procedures
  • Yoga, Pranayama and meditation
Ayurveda has always given importance to care for the female at every phase of her life in respect of menstrual care, antenatal care and postnatal care. Sanjeevani Ayurveda offers ayurvedic care for prenatal and postnatal treatment in Bangalore

Postnatal care

Postnatal care is called as sutika paricharya in Ayurveda. After delivery, the mother’s health becomes weak due loss of blood and fluids. To compensate this loss a specific regimen is advised in Ayurveda under the heading sutika paricharya. According to Ayurveda the Mother’s Agni is low after delivery and also the vata dosha is vitiated. A proper adherence to the regimen will help in faster recuperation and recovery post-delivery. Wholesome and balanced diet is advised to the mother to restore the lost energy and also to improve the lactation. Special medicinal preparations are also advised to improve the health of the mother. To pacify the vatadosha, abhyangas are advised along with proper rest and relaxation.

  • Balanced diet advice for the mother
  • Abhyangas to balance vata dosha
  • Medications for restoration and rejuvenation
  • Medications to improve lactation
  • Addressing any other health issues

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