Personalized Immunity Enhancer


Personalized Immunity Enhancer

Rasayana therapy is a unique branch in Ayurveda which totally focuses on bestowing the finest nutrition to the tissues at micro-cellular level.

The word Rasayana means the path (Ayana) of the essence(rasa), providing excellent nourishment to all the rasadi dhatus or bodily tissues

Rasayana is advised for achieving two aims of Ayurveda, i.e., promotion of health, prevention and cure from the disease. The main purpose of Rasayana therapy is to slow down the aging process and to delay the degenerative process in the body. Rasayana medications are capable of imparting, highest form of nutrients to the body at the micro-cellular level and thus aid in boosting, the natural immunity, improving general health and functioning of all organs of the body and thus keep the signs of early aging at bay.

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Types of Rasayana

  • Ajasrika Rasyana

    is taken regularly with food as nutrition

  • Naimittika Rasayana

    Specifically indicated in a particular disease to promote vitality

  • Kamya Rasayana

    To attain desired effect like health, intellect, skin complexion and lustre

Benefits of Rasayana Therapy
  • Improves and strengthens the immune system
  • Delays the process of aging
  • Reduces oxidative stress and free radical injury
  • Post illness nutrition and rejuvenation
  • Good memory power
  • Youthfulness
  • Complexion, lustre

Rasayana and Disease Progression – As Rasayana Therapy helps to strengthen and nourish the healthy tissues and normal cells, it significantly reduces the chances of disease spread and progression.

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